Get Your Mazda Model Serviced for Summer at Champion Mazda

Your vehicle has a lot of moving parts under the hood and under the body that are required to keep it moving and running properly; if any one of those parts stops working, you'll end up on the side of the road and none of us here at Champion Mazda want you to experience that! If you haven't yet gotten your vehicle the repairs it needs, or it's simply time for some routine maintenance, you can get all your automotive needs met at our service center in Hanover, PA. Quick and affordable, you can put your trust…

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More Adventure Every Day in the 2018 Mazda CX-3

Whether you're the head of a small family or you tend to drive solo, there's certainly something to be said about the extra space and convenience offered by a crossover, and the 2018 Mazda CX-3 is set to impress every time. This subcompact crossover SUV offers cool styling like 16-inch aluminum wheels and dual exhaust outlets on the outside, the convenience of a standard 7-inmch MAZDA CONNECT touchscreen infotainment system with Bluetooth connectivity on the inside, and a surprisingly peppy 146-horsepower engine under the hood.


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Find the Latest in Mazda Inventory with Our Featured Vehicles in Hanover


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Drivers near Ownings Mills, Gettysburg, and York can explore the latest in Mazda design and engineering at Champion Mazda in Hanover. From sleek exteriors to athletic handling and ample cargo space, our inventory of all-new Mazda convertibles, hatchbacks, sedans, and SUV models are packed with the features and functionality you look for in a Mazda. Explore our featured all-new Mazda vehicles to discover the best of our latest inventory.

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Why to Buy a Used Vehicle from a Dealership?

When you are looking for a pre-owned vehicle, you will have a variety of places to find the model that is perfect for you. When you choose our team at Champion Mazda in Hanover, PA, we will make sure you can see all of your options, but the question still remains: why choose a dealership over a private seller? Our team can answer all of your questions to help you realize what we can offer you.

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How to Repair Broken Headlights

Headlights are what’s located on the front of your vehicle. They provide you with light when you’re driving in the rain and in the dark. They’re also there to tell other drivers where you are. When they break, it’s imperative that you get them repaired or replaced.

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So What Precisely Does a Gasket Do?

A gasket forms a tight seal between two surfaces and prevents liquids and gasses from coming into contact with each other. Your vehicle has a number of different gaskets, including the head, intake manifold, exhaust manifold, main bearing and cam shaft gaskets.

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Changing a Flat

Knowing how to put on a spare tire gets you to a repair shop faster. Always carry road flares, a car jack, lug wrench, vehicle owner’s manual and full-size or “donut” spare.

Park on solid, level ground, not on a grassy or sandy area. Engage your emergency brake and use hazard lights and/or flares. Put chocks behind the wheels on the side not being raised.


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How to Jump Start Another Car

Most of us have been faced with a dead battery before and hopefully, you have already made provisions to protect yourself. However, not many of us are prepared to help someone with starting their car in this situation. Here are a few things you should know to make sure you are prepared to jump start another car.

  • Safely position your car to ensure the batteries of the two vehicles are as close as possible.Locate the batteries and identify the positive (+red) and negative (-black) terminals.
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The Real Story of Four-Wheel-Drive and All-Wheel-Drive

From time to time, there is some confusion as to the definitions of “four-wheel drive” and "all-wheel drive”. Sometimes people think that these definitions mean the same thing, and they actually do not. While both items do transfer power to all of the wheels of a vehicle in order to provide more traction, that is where the similarity ends.

Four-wheel-drive is a process that most people are familiar with as it has been in the public eye for quite a few years. Here a lower gear ratio is used along with a split differential that gets the job done.

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